Corporate Matters

Fusion Ave (Private) Limited provides the most professional and competent corporate matter services to all types of business in Pakistan. No matter if you are a small business or a medium-sized corporate, our expert professionals can deal with all types of corporate matters. Right now in Pakistan, the modern era of commercialism has achieved where it is the basic necessity of any successful business to remain in pace with the current dynamic industry. By the grace of Almighty, our clients are leading their business in the most wonderful sectors of economy in Pakistan. In addition to this, we are also providing business compliance services to our clients, including all corporate matters that are related to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). We have established a really tough grip on corporate laws of Pakistan, mainly Companies Ordinance, 1984 which is the applicable corporate law in the country. From accounting to bookkeeping, you can trust our services by asking for initial free consultation at FAPL office.

Corporate Matter Services in Pakistan:

FAPL provides a wide range of solutions to all types of corporate matters in Pakistan. We are always side-by-side our clients right from the idea to start a business till the developmental stages of business from being local to global. Check the given portfolio and make the right choice for your business today. Our scope of corporate matters, services & solutions in Pakistan include the following:

  • Corporate Consultancy & Advisory Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Set-Up Support Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Registration Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate HR Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Accounting Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Return Filing Services in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Audit Support & Representation in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Financial Services & Solutions in Pakistan.
  • Corporate Branding & Promotional Services in Pakistan.

Corporate Consultancy & Advisory Services in Pakistan:

It is always better to ask for an intellectual and experienced advice in any matter of life. When establishing a corporation or thinking to make a financial step in the business set-up. It is always preferable to ask for an expert advice. FAPL has a team of corporate consultants including accountants, lawyers, tax professionals as well as auditors who closely examine your business idea or business step and then give you the perfect advisory service that best suits your business in Pakistan. Getting the best business advisory from multiple experts and professionals is always proven success-oriented. We deeply dig your business model and other financial situations from all perspectives and this is the best features of FAPL corporate consultancy service. The economical condition of Pakistan is encountering multiple domestic as well as international competitors for you, therefore contact FAPL corporate consultants to get a range of services that can surely turn your business into a famous brand name in Pakistan. Our main Consultancy & Advisory Services for Corporate in Pakistan include:

  • Performance Measurements.
  • Business Assessment via Appraisal & Evaluation.
  • Improvement in Business Operations & Procedures.
  • Detailed Feasibility Study.
  • Investment Advisory Services.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Marketing Strategy & Services.
  • Strategic Planning With Financial Analysis.
  • Demand Supply Gap Analysis.
  • Review of Accounting & Financial Functions.
  • Operational & Technology Risk Services.

Corporate Set-Up Support Services in Pakistan:

Having a great business idea is not enough to guarantee you that business will attain the success heights in the economical industry of Pakistan. Even if it attains luckily, it is not necessarily meant that it will sustain the success. You need professional corporate set-up services so that your business can run without any hurdles and mishaps. FAPL provides the best business set-up services in Pakistan to all types of corporate. The main features of our corporate set-up services include:

  • Business Plans Development & Implementations.
  • Sops Development for Business Operations.
  • Business Processes Development.
  • Management & HR Audits.
  • HR Provisions &
  • IT Services.
  • Website Development & SEO
  • E-Commerce Business Solutions.
  • Cost Management Services.
  • Cash Flow Improvement Services.

Corporate Registration Services in Pakistan:

All aspects of the process of incorporation of your business in Pakistan are handled by the reliable team of experts at FAPL. From corporate registration to trademark registration services in Pakistan, we deal with all types of clients and their corporate registration issues under Companies Ordinance 1984 with Registrar of Companies, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Apart from corporate registration, we are also involved in the modification, verification and cancellation of company registration in Pakistan. For your corporate registration, you have to pass through certain necessary obligations from SECP as well as FBR. Any mistake can lead to extend the time of company registration. Share your company registration issues and get the legal corporate secretarial services in Pakistan. The main highlights of our corporate registration matters and their solutions include:

  • Sole Proprietorship Registration Matters.
  • Formation of Private Limited Companies & Foreign Companies (Branch and Liaison Office).
  • Formation of Single Member Company (SMC) Limited Companies.
  • Formation of Public Limited Companies.
  • Formation of a Partnership Firm.
  • Special Registration Services (PEC, Chamber Of Commerce etc.).
  • Applying and Obtaining Corporate Licenses, Permits & Certificates in Pakistan.
  • Formation of Not for Profit Companies (NGOs, INGOs).
  • Registration & Deregistration Of All Kind of Businesses.
  • Advice & Consultation on Pakistan’s Companies Act, 1984.
  • Assistance in Changes of Directors, Shareholders, Addresses, & Office Details.
  • Change of Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association.
  • Consultancy for Transferring Business Shares.
  • Submission, Collection & Assistance in Charge Creation Documents.
  • Trademark Registration Services.

Corporate HR Services in Pakistan:

FAPL presents a list of outsourced HR services to deal different types of corporate matters related to administration. Our professional HR specialists provide great recruitment services to give prompt solutions to the corporate issues and problems on numerous occasions. We work dedicatedly in the favor of our clients by means of determination, hard work and timely efforts. You can surely trust FAPL for the transformation of your organization via our efficient and innovative HR solutions. Not only this, we can also design customized HR packages as per the needs of individual clients that are based on our experienced resources, research-based insights and functional strategies. Instead of forming a whole HR department in your corporate, contact FAPL to outsource the best HR services for your company in the much lower rates. The main portfolio of our HR services for corporate matters in Pakistan includes:

  • HR & Other Staff Recruitment.
  • HR Internal Audit Services.
  • Employee & Payroll Outsourcing.
  • HR Solutions & HR Consultations.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Defining Requisites Their Policies Formulation.
  • Business Processes Designing
  • HR Policy & Procedures Formulation
  • Leadership Assessment & Outplacement.
  • End-To-End & Turnkey Solutions.
  • Vendor Managed Services (VMS).
  • Performance Management with Job Descriptions.
  • Manpower Planning.
  • Attendance & Leave Management.
  • Payroll & Tax Compliance Services.
  • Labor Law Advisory Services.
  • HR Helpdesk for Corporate Matters Strategy & Advisory.
  • Organizational Review & Design

Corporate Accounting Services in Pakistan:

FAPL offers the top online accounting services in Pakistan to all types of corporate. Outsourcing accounting services is becoming the choice of most of the corporate, even the commercial scale businesses also because of their benefits. Hiring our accounting services can give you number of benefits that mainly include pre-built accounting procedures, process control, technology, experience, security, privacy, high speed, lower cost, increased profitability, minimized risks, better decision making, record-keeping and much more. The best part is that all of this can be availed under a single rook i.e. FAPL. To get the best outsourced accounting package for your corporate, contact FAPL to ask for an initial free inquiry.

  • Updating Chart of Accounts.
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation.
  • Payroll & Bookkeeping.
  • Management & Costing Report.
  • Inventory Maintenance &
  • General Ledger Maintenance.
  • Accounts Reconciliation.
  • Closing Accounts & Generating Trial Balance.
  • Financial Planning & Financial Statements Preparation.
  • Fixed Assets, Projections & Budgeting.
  • Accounting System Implementation (QuickBooks, Tally, SAP & Xero Etc).
  • Special Purpose Reports.
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Management.
  • Sales Order & Purchase Order Generation.
  • Invoicing & Receiving Payments.
  • Accounts Receivable Report Generation.
  • Entering Vendor Bills & Payments to Vendors.
  • Expenses Incurred Analysis With Cumulative Report.
  • Customized Reporting System On Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Basis.

Corporate Return Filing Services in Pakistan:

FAPL is offering top return filing services to corporate in Pakistan. A lot of businesses have been our clients since we started our services in 2017. Each year, FBR imposes and modifies different tax laws on the businesses in Pakistan. We are always updates with the amendments in FBR as well as SECP. Not only this, we also keep our clients updated for the best financial decision for their businesses. Outsourcing our tax filing services can free you from the hectic of reminding deadlines for filing income and sales tax in Pakistan. From GST to VAT, we provide complete support to small and large business set-ups. Filing tax forms require expertise and our tax professional can do it very easily without any flaws in your returns. Our CA’s also take care of your tax bookkeeping to be accurate and on-time. Contact us and get the best corporate tax services from preparation to filing of returns in Pakistan. Main features of our corporate taxation matters & services in Pakistan include:

  • Income Tax Consultancy Services.
  • Wealth Statement, VAT & GST Preparation.
  • Tax Planning With Strategy Development to Save Tax.
  • Obtaining Confirmations, Clarifications & Permissions from the Tax Authorities.
  • Preparation & Payment of Electronic Tax Returns.
  • Assistance in Issuance of National Tax Number (NTN) For the Clients.
  • Assistance in Issuance of Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) Of the Clients.
  • Monthly And Annual Statements Filing Of Income Tax And Sales Tax Return.
  • Determination of Income & Chargeability of Tax, Exemptions, and Tax Withholding Matters.
  • Advisory on Day To Day Tax Issues Faced By the Clients.
  • Assistance In Obtaining Refunds From FBR
  • Client Advisory About Tax Credits To Reduce Tax Bill.
  • Payroll Running & Tax Deduction Guidelines.
  • Tax Planning & Compliance Services for Expatriates.
  • Complete Updates Regarding Federal Sales Tax, Provincial Sales Tax On Services, Federal Excise Duty & Custom Duty Legal Matters.
  • Assistance in Obtaining Zero Rating & Exemption Certificates.
  • Sales Tax and Indirect Tax Planning & Advisory Services.

Corporate Audit Support & Representation in Pakistan:

FAPL offers a range of state-of-the-art audit services to cover the entire value chain of your corporate, including organization, services & system. From risks to compliance, our experts deal with every corporate audit matters and figure out the best resolution strategy for the client. We make it sure that all the projects, products, process and operations of your corporate meet the necessary obligations by the government regulatory bodies in Pakistan. Don’t get panic if you have received an audit call from FBR or any other taxation authority of the country as we provide the best corporate representation services against audits. We also assist our clients in appeals before commissioner, etc. Book an appointment with FAPL for internal as well as external audit services that can optimize the overall performance of your corporate. The list of our top corporate audit & assurance services in Pakistan include:

  • Representation of Client In Case Of Audits.
  • Internal As Well As External Audit Support.
  • Benchmarking Internal Audit Performance.
  • Strategies towards Transformational Change.
  • Advisory to Optimize Resourcing Models.
  • Co-Sourcing & Outsourcing Services.
  • Improvement in Quality, Productivity and Value of In-House Services.
  • Enhancement of Internal Audit Methodologies for Audit Execution Improvements.
  • Advisory and Support for Audit Technology Selection In Addition To Implementation.
  • Development & Delivery of Training Plans.
  • Implementation & Management of Human Resource, Quality and Safety Policies & Operational Procedures.
  • Handling Show Cause Notices with Tax Audit Support & Representation Services.
  • Conducting Accounting Cycle Audit.
  • Assistance in Going through Audit Conducted By FBR.
  • Filing of Appeals of Income Tax or Sales Tax at all levels.
  • Representations before Field Tax Authorities, FBR& Other Tax Adjudicating Authorities during
  • Preparation of Audit Reports with Recommendations for Improvement.

Corporate Financial Services & Solutions in Pakistan:

Any corporate brightens its name by making wise decisions in investments and right choices in finance management. By hiring FAPL, you can take care of credit while we take care of your entire corporate debit. Earning is not important; saving is the next crucial step that requires a professional companion side-by-side. We have a team of FAPL finance accountants and bookkeepers who help you throughout the journey of finance management, right from the financial planning to the business advisory services in Pakistan. If you need any kind of help for your corporate financial matters, choose the best deal from our services that include:

  • Financial Planning, Advisory & Consultancy.
  • Assessment & Review of Existing Financial Processes.
  • Assessment of Profitability, Liquidity & Financing.
  • Business Turnaround Services.
  • Legal Tax Optimization & Minimization Techniques.
  • Cash Flow Improvement Services.
  • Financial Services Licensing.
  • Family Asset Control and Management.
  • Sources Evaluation for Funds Collections.
  • Business Asset Control and Management.
  • Retirement Planning Services.
  • Investment Planning & Consultancy.

Corporate Branding & Promotional Services in Pakistan:

Branding and promotion is always important for any corporate strength, stability and popularity. To be the best among all other corporate, you need to publicize the benefits of your corporate that cannot be found in your competitors. Your consumers should build a trustworthy relation with you that is only possible if you do your corporate promotion wisely and correctly. Get FAPL’s best corporate promotional & marketing services in Pakistan to spread your business in short time. We make the most of the online technologies to spread your brand message to the targeted market that ultimately increases the consumer-base of your business. Contact FAPL for choosing creative branding & digital promotion services for your corporate that include:

  • Web Development, Logo Designing, e-Marketing & SEO.
  • Website Hosting, Designing, Development & Optimization.
  • Web In-Depth Analysis & Ranking Protocols.
  • Relevant Keywords & Keyphrases Search & Their Optimization.
  • Suggestion For The Target Keywords As Per Competition Analysis.
  • Reorganization Of Site With Unique & Creative Content Writing.
  • Site Map Creation, Meta Tags Composition And HTML Code & Image Optimization.
  • Manual Submission To Top Search Engines &
  • Reciprocal Linking Building, Link Resource Page Creation & Guest Post Submission on Popular Blogs.
  • Monthly Log Analysis With Search Engine Ranking & Traffic Reports.
  • Optimization of Website Loading Time.
  • Use Of Graphics For Perfect Layout Of WebPages.
  • Privacy Statements, Copyright Information &
  • E-Marketing Strategies Including Social Media Campaigns and Direct Advertisements.
  • Optimizing the Web Structure for Mobile-Friendly Websites.