Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan

Fusion Ave (Private) Limited (FAPL) is serving its individual as well as business clients for personalized tax consultancy, tax preparation and tax filing services throughout Pakistan. Tax regulations, laws and rules change every day, which requires professional expertise for the tax preparation in Pakistan. Those strategies that are reducing your tax bill today, may work in contrary tomorrow. At FAPL we update our clients about the new opportunities that can legally minimize their tax bill in Pakistan. It is very important to understand basic tax implications and legislations prior to making any business decision or individual initiative, so that tax more than the legal obligation is not paid. Apart from the Direct Taxes in Pakistan i.e. the Federal Income Tax, there are 04 provinces in the country that impose Indirect taxes on taxpayers as per 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. Therefore, it is very crucial for the taxpayers in Pakistan to know the scope and importance of indirect taxes.

We provide a broad range of personal and corporate tax preparation services to meet all the requirements of clients as well as government legislations. We have a team of industry’s best tax accountants, lawyers, advisors and other tax professionals who work in collaboration in the process of planning & preparation of your taxes in Pakistan. We also provide customized tax professional services to handle your taxes as per your financial situation and demands. We aim to get the maximum tax relief  and minimum tax liabilities while preparing and filing tax returns of individuals and corporate. We also provide tax preparation services to the foreign nationals as well as other tax professionals along with transfer pricing. Contact us to know how your taxes can be minimized to the lowest possible amount within the legal limits. Check below the complete portfolio of FAPL’s Tax Preparation Services for Individuals & Businesses in Pakistan that cover:

  • Individual Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Business Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Direct Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Indirect Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • International Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Transfer Pricing Solutions & Services in Pakistan.
  • Tax Appeal & Refund Services in Pakistan.
  • Tax Audit & Notice Services In Pakistan.

Features of FAPL Tax Preparation and Consultation Services in Pakistan:

Tax professionals at FAPL are offering the best tax preparation & consultation services to its clients throughout Pakistan from 2017. The main highlights of our features include:

  • Preparation And Filing Of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Withholding Tax, Wealth Statements, Payroll Taxes & Excise Returns.
  • Tax Advisory, Planning, Return Preparation And Return Filing With Tax Authorities.
  • Representation Services before the Tax Authorities plus Assistance in Tax Audits Conducted By the Tax Authorities.
  • Assistance in Appeal Proceedings As Well As Tax Litigation Support.
  • Tax Consultations to Residents/Non-Residents on Withholding Tax Obligations on Payments.
  • Evaluation of Tax Exposures after Reviewing Tax Status.
  • Approval of Retirement Benefits & Funds from Taxation Authorities and Other Related Issues.
  • Tax Advisory Services on a Variety of Domestic As Well As International Tax Matters Including Cross-Border Transactions and Double Taxation Treaties.
  • Detailed Tax Planning Services To Develop Strategies For Reducing Administrative And Tax Costs Of Clients.
  • Tax Compliance on the Sales Tax, Disclosures under Periodic Tax Returns, Excise Duty Treatment, and Potential Liabilities of Particular Transactions.
  • Tax Advisory Consultation on Valuation, Classification, Applicability of Taxes on Transactions and Eligibility to Tax Benefits, Credits and Exemptions.
  • Tax Consultations on Indirect As Well As Direct Tax Issues.
  • Determining The Tax Liabilities That Influence The Financial Performance Of The Client, Once The Investment Or Disinvestment Has Been Done.
  • Assisting Clients on Tax Dispute Resolution with Tax Authorities Including Representation before Tax and Appellate Authorities.
  • Clients Representation in Liaison with Lawyers in Appeals before the High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Establishing Gratuity Funds, Provident Funds And Additional Employees Benefit Schemes And Their Approval From Tax Authorities.


Business Individual Rs. 5000 Per Return

FAPL provides the best and affordable tax preparation services for individuals in Pakistan that can help them to meet their tax obligations. We offer customized personal tax preparation service packages that are tailored with imaginative and unique solutions to maintain tax compliance with the tax filing laws of FBR. All “Pakistani citizens” are considered as “Individuals” and all of them are required to file the national tax of Pakistan, no matter where they live in the world. If they are Pakistani CNIC holder, it is mandatory by law for them to file returns to the Government of Pakistan. We handle, manage, comply as well as file tax returns with our outsource tax services for individuals in Pakistan. Our individual tax preparation price is very cheaper and affordable from other online tax prep companies in Pakistan that can surely satisfy your budgeting to spend money on tax preparation. The best part is that FAPL team of accountants and tax professionals not only provide individuals tax preparation services to the clients, but meanwhile we are also facilitating them with the reliable and accurate tax advisory, consultation and return filing services for personal use. Check below the complete range of our personal tax preparation services throughout Pakistan that mainly include:  
  • Tax Compliance and Planning Services for Individuals.
  • Tax Return Preparation & Filing Services for Individuals.
  • Personal Income Tax Planning Services in Pakistan.
  • Estate And Gift Tax Planning Services For Individuals
  • Financial Planning For Tax Minimization Strategies.
  • Tax Services for Pakistan Citizens Living Abroad.
  • Assistance in Registration at FBR As Well As Other Provincial Taxation Authorities of Pakistan.
  • Filing Service for Withholding Tax Statements for Individuals in Pakistan.
  • Comprehensive Facilitation in E-Filing of Sales Tax Return & Wealth Statement.
  • Assistance in Issuance of Tax Refund to the Individual Clients.
  • Tax Appeals Filing Services For Individuals Related To Taxation Issues At All Levels
  • Minimization of Income Tax Liabilities of Individual Clients.
  • Personal Tax Planning For Identification Of Tax Minimization Opportunities And Reduction In The Overall Tax Burden
  • Draft & Review Service for Employment Agreements of Clients.
  • Obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Registration from FBR with E-Enrollment to the Government Taxation Agency.
  • Calculation Of Tax Liability To Be Withheld From Monthly Salaries Along With Preparation & Filing Of Monthly/Annual Tax Statements.
  • Filing Tax Appeals At All Levels Related To Tax Filing Issues.
When setting a business, every entrepreneur dream for his business or brand to flourish by attaining heights of success among other competitors. The fame of your business does not illustrate completely that the financial picture of your business is good. Apart of standing out from the competitors, businesses required proper tax planning & tax preparation services to be successfully stable and financially stronger. Our business tax professionals at FAPL do the best from the state-of-the-art business tax prep services in Pakistan so that our clients achieve the maximum outcome from their hard work. We take care of all your business tax preparation matters, right from the planning to the return filing, so that you can pay your precious time and effort on the core responsibilities of your business. Even the FBR laws are getting stricter with passing years and any inaccuracy in filing returns can cause you to encounter fines and penalties. Tax filing is getting to be a full-time job when it comes to business tax preparation in Pakistan; therefore you need a professional tax prep service provider near you that can solve all tax issues in affordable price. Check below the expertise of our tax professionals, team at FAPL with the best of corporate tax preparation services in Pakistan, including:  
  • Complete Support On Business Taxation, Sales Tax, Tax Accounting, Income Tax Return, Professional Tax & Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing Services.
  • Payroll Tax Return & Sales Tax Return Preparation Services In Pakistan.
  • Monthly Withholding Tax Return Preparation Services in Pakistan.
  • Business Income Tax Return and Planning Services in Pakistan.
  • Assistance in the Selection of Tax Accounting Methods, Financial Reporting and Legal Organization.
  • Obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Registration from FBR with E-Enrollment to the Government Taxation Agency.
  • Business Income Tax & Business Sales Tax Consultation Services in Pakistan.
  • Tax Compliance for Corporate Income Tax Return & Wealth Statement Filing.
  • Comprehensive Facilitation in Corporate Sales Tax Return Filing in Pakistan.
  • Compliance of E-Filing of Withholding Tax Statement of U/Sec 149 & U/Sec 165.
  • Assistance In Issuance Of Tax Reduce Rate Certificate For Businesses.
  • Monitoring Of Withholding Tax Obligations of Corporate Clients.
  • Handling Statutory Notices from Tax Authorities of Pakistan Along With Corporate Representation Services.
  • Availing Tax Exemptions and Concessions under Different Tax Laws of FBR.
  • Filing And Pursuing Refund Claims For Corporate.
  • Filing Tax Appeals At All Levels Related To Tax Filing Issues Along With Assistance In Appeal Proceedings And Tax Litigation Support.
  • Additional Tax Preparation Services for Businesses In Case Of Not Paying Sales Tax.
  • Formulation of Effective and Tax-Efficient Cross-Border Strategies for both Inbound and Overseas Investments.
  • Analysis of Tax Impact Transactions In Case Of Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Regulatory and Transfer Pricing Implications.
  • Domestic Law and Tax Treaty Viewpoint Opinions for Transactions to Minimize Taxes.
  • Identification Of Tax Planning Opportunities Along With Pointing Out Potential Problem Areas That Cause A Hefty Tax Bill.
  • Evaluation of Tax Exposures, Review of Tax Status & Tax Withholding Advisory.
To get the maximum benefit on investments and transactions, it is important for an expatriate or non-resident Pakistani to file tax return to FBR. We offer international tax preparation services for expatriate individuals by managing the complexities of international regulations and multiple tax systems, globally. We determine tax opportunities for international taxpayers in Pakistan so that they can gain benefits of being a filer. Not only foreign national tax preparation services, we also offer international tax preparation services for businesses & corporate. Taxation regulations are changing frequently and it is important for international corporations to be in compliance with the global & local industry by management of their international tax profiles. We not only help our clients in adapting x requirements of each jurisdiction of business operations, but we help in the anticipation of possible consequences of tax planning decisions on local & global grounds. You international tax compliance procedures can affect your business picture on short-term & long-term basis. We help you to develop the best international tax policies & practices that can surely give you tax benefits. Main features of our international tax preparation services for personal & business purpose include:  
  • International Tax Planning & Preparation for Expatriates & Foreign Nationals.
  • International Tax Planning & Preparation for Businesses & Corporate.
  • International Tax Planning On Location Decision, Tax Costs, Business Entity Structure, Regulatory Requirements, Operational Finance As Well As Global Tax Rate Impact.
  • Latest Updates Regarding Frequent Changes in Tax Law in Multiple Jurisdictions As Well As In Pakistan.
  • International Tax Compliance On Cross Border Transactions, Business Expansion into New Jurisdictions or Any Other Organizational Change.
  • International Group Restructuring As Well As Group Tax Health Checks.
  • Coordination of Global Compliance Management and International Tax Reporting Systems.
  • Efficient Cross-Border Finance, Repatriation, Cash Access Planning & Other Global Capital Structure Planning Services.
  • Double Tax Relief Planning Service for International Taxpayers.
  • Thin Capitalization Defense Services against Associated Tax Authorities Challenge.
  • Development of Tax Efficient Cross-Border Strategies for Local As Well As Overseas Investments.
  • Management of Global Structural Tax Rate of Clients.
If the taxpayer is failed to satisfy the FBR during a tax audit or in response to a tax notice, the agency gives the right to the taxpayer to file a tax appeal. On the basis of differences between Taxpayer and Tax Departments, the taxpayer can file an appeal. FAPL can help you to file a tax appeal for a decision that you do not think was justified. Our team provides the best tax appeals services in Pakistan to resolve all issues regarding mismatching of Taxable Income and tax liability, implication of default surcharge and penalties, etc. Most of our clients were successful to settle their tax dispute at Deputy/Assistant Commissioner Inland Revenue/ Commissioner Level that caused them to save time, money and effort. We are expert in analyzing, Income Tax ordinance, 2001 to find the legal solution of the Taxpayer and Tax Department dispute in Pakistan. Not only filing of tax appeal, our professionals also try their best to get the maximum refunds for our clients that is only possible if you are filing your appeal correctly and justifiably. Check below the main highlights of our tax appeal & refund services for individuals and businesses that include:  
  • Filing Tax Appeal with the Correct Format & Comprehensive Details.
  • Legal Solution of Taxpayer & FBR Dispute in Quick Time Span.
  • Complete Know-How Of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 To Legally Solve The Taxpayers Notices And Disputes After Filing Appeal.
  • Getting the Maximum and Fastest Refunds for Our Clients in Response of Appeal.
  • Appeal Filing Assistance before Commissioner (Appeal).
  • Appeal Filing Assistance Before Appellate Tribunal And Higher Courts Of Pakistan
  • Completion Of Documents For Filing Tax Appeals N Pakistan.
  • Tax Refund Claiming Service For Individuals And Corporate In Pakistan.

Salaried Individual Rs. 2500 Per Return

Direct taxes are those taxes that are filed and paid by an individual directly to the government legislative authority. Direct tax in Pakistan is primarily composed of income tax which is calculated on the basis of salaries, interest on securities, capital gains and income from profession, business, property and other sources. Other examples of direct taxes in Pakistan include transfer taxes, entitlement taxes, capital gains tax, property tax, etc. FAPL presents the best Direct Tax Preparation Services in Pakistan to the individuals that can help them to promote equality, certainty, elasticity along with saving time & money. The Federal Board of Revenue administers the federal income taxes in a period from July 1st to June 30th of each year. Contact FAPL to pay your direct tax to the FBR with accuracy to be a compliant & responsible citizen of Pakistan. The main aspects of our personal & corporate direct tax preparation & filing services include:  
  • Obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate from the FBR.
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Income Tax Returns Along With Wealth Tax Statements and Annexures.
  • Preparation and Filing of Periodic Withholding Tax Statements (WHT) For Corporate & Individual Clients.
  • Appeal Filing and Adjudication Services under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 at Various Forums.
  • Proper Understanding of Social Security Benefits & Tax Credits to Minimize Tax Bill.
Indirect tax in Pakistan is commonly known as Sales Tax. Although, there are other typos of indirect taxes in Pakistan as well, that include service tax, Value Added Tax, Excise Duty, Goods and Services Tax, Custom Duty Tax, GST, etc, but the most popular is sales tax. We provide indirect tax preparation services for corporate & individuals throughout the country, right from getting STRN registration from FBR till filing of sales returns. The 18th amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, sales tax is applicable on the supply of goods and provision of services. The provincial governments are responsible to charge sales tax on services while federal government is responsible to charge sales tax on goods. It clearly means that in order to prepare & file indirect tax in Pakistan, you have to comply with both FBR as well as other provincial revenue authorities of Pakistan. It is becoming difficult for business to meet the regulatory requirements & compliance along with being tax-efficient simultaneously. We help businesses in this regard by presenting the most accurate indirect tax preparation services in Pakistan that include:  
  • Development Of Detailed Indirect Tax Planning Models Fr Reducing Administrative And Tax Costs Of Our Clients.
  • Indirect Tax Preparation Services, Including Sales Tax Bookkeeping, Sales Tax Return Filing & Sales Tax Compliance.
  • Identification Of Tax-Effective Indirect Tax Opportunities For Corporate To Minimize Tax Bill.
  • Formulation of Indirect Tax Efficient Business Models of Clients.
  • Indirect Tax Advisory Services Regarding Sales Tax and Excise Duty Treatment Disclosures under Periodic Tax Returns.
  • Finding the Possible Liabilities of Specific Transactions of Indirect Taxpayers in Pakistan.
  • Indirect Tax Consultation Services on Valuation, Classification & Applicability of Taxes on Transactions Along With Eligibility to Tax Benefits and Exemptions.
  • Strategies Acquisitions and Disposals Service, Considering both Buy-Side and Sell-Side via Indirect Tax Due Diligence Reviews.
  • Indirect Tax Audit Representation to Resolve Dispute before Tax Authorities, Adjudication & Appellate Authorities.
  • Maximizing Indirect Tax Recovery Along With Increasing Tax Margins.
  • Improvement of Cash Flow via Maximization of Group Efficiencies for Indirect Taxes.
  • Preparations Of Customized All Indirect Taxes Compliance Manuals To Ensure You Don’t Overpay.
  • Filing Sales Tax Appeals & Submissions before Relevant Government Authorities.
The volume of transactions has been increased between associated parties in recent years because of the prominent rise up in the global trades. Although, it is overall beneficial for the business holders, but it also resulted in a major problem i.e. Transfer pricing. In case of multinational businesses, transfer pricing is acting as the foremost issue. FAPL offers top transfer pricing solutions that can help our clients in developing & implementing economically supportable transfer pricing practices. We also help them to develop and manage transfer pricing document policies and outcomes as well as tax authority challenges solutions. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) initiated the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan in July 2013 to meet the requirements for transfer pricing. FAPL team works under the guidance of BEPS Action plan as well as additional domestic tax laws to provide best transfer pricing compliance for taxpayers in Pakistan. Our specialist transfer pricing team has accountants in USA as well to meet the latest trends of the global transfer pricing industry. Check below our transfer pricing services in Pakistan that include:  
  • Transfer Pricing Policy Design In Compliance With Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 And Income Tax Rules, 2002.
  • Identification of Possible BEPS Risks and Opportunities That May Result From Amendments to the International Tax Environment.
  • Economically Supportable Transfer Pricing Policies Designing, Development & Implementation.
  • Transfer Pricing Disputes Assistance, Covering Competent Authority Negotiations, Advance Pricing Agreements, Arbitration, And Litigation Support.
  • Formulation & Implementation of Suitable Measures for Addressing All Possible Risks That May Result From Regulatory Changes, From a Local & Global Outlook.
  • Transfer Pricing Compliance as Per Latest Tax and Transfer Pricing Obligations within the New Local & International Tax Environment.
  • Development & Implementation of Transfer Pricing Procedures & Policies to Set-Up, Monitor & Document Complete Intra-Group Transactions.
  • Transfer Pricing Assistance In Case Of Country By Country Reporting.
  • Transfer Pricing Compliance in Detailed Transfer Pricing Regulations, Sophisticated Audit Practices and Strict Documentation Requirements.
  • Transfer Pricing Assistance In All Types Of Related-Party Transactions, Covering Inter-Company Transfer Of Intangible Property Services, Tangible Goods, Leases, Loans, Etc.
  • Coordination with Worldwide Transfer Pricing Policies to Reduce Worldwide Tax Burden of an International Corporate.
  • Transfer Pricing Audit Defense & Representation Services to Clients.
We, at FAPL, take care of your entire tax audit & tax notice from Income Tax Department in case of incorrect filing of returns. We have a customized team of layers, accountants, auditors and tax professionals who work jointly to resolve your audit notice from FBR. We closely examine complete information on Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement and then present a report to the clients illustrating all issues that lead to tax deductions. Sometime, FBR send notices to non-filers as well who unknowingly buy a property or vehicle that comes under Tax Department knowledge. Our income tax audit assistance for individuals in Pakistan is helping a number of Pakistanis to file their Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement in compliance with FBR. Not only this, our tax audit services for businesses in Pakistan are that much reliable that apart from tax issue resolution, we bagged tax refunds for our clients. Contact FAPL to get the best tax advice from expert for tax problem solving. Main features of our tax audit & notice resolution services in Pakistan include:  
  • Representation Of Clients For Assessment And Audit Procedures As Well As Preparations,
  • Filing And Proceeding For Appeals Along With Tribunal Hearings.
  • Tax Audit Assistance in Pakistan for Individuals & Corporate.
  • Up-To-Date Information Regarding Tax Laws in the Country to Facilitate Income Tax Audits.
  • Accurate Documentation & Bookkeeping for Audit Resolution before FBR.
  • Determining Tax Liabilities Of The Clients That Lead To Audit & Notice.
  • Evaluation of Return Filing Statements As Well As Wealth Statements of Clients.
  • Record-Keeping of the Taxpayer’s Returns as per Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.
  • Assisting Clients During Audits & Presenting Clarifications On Their Behalf To The Authorities.
  • Penalty Assessment As Well As FBR Relief Programs Facilitations under Legal Circumstances.
  • Response to the FBR Notices in Pakistan.
  • Requests For Installment Payment Plans To Pay Your Tax Returns In The Form Of Installments.